Monday, February 27, 2017

What A Night

Oscar Night 2017. So much to discuss but for right now.....this is all!!! Congratulations Mrs. Viola Davis. This golden statuette is certainly well-deserved. And Moonlight as well. Look at that that's how cheesy I like my grits!! A double portion!! #standingovation #blackgirlmagic

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Did She or Didn't She?

Remy Ma's Shether diss track checking Nicki Minaj's chinny chin chin just dropped and EVERYBODY'S  talking about it. Folks are choosing sides and drawing lines in the sand. Whether your #teamnicki or #teamremy really makes no difference in the big scheme of things. What really makes a difference is the memes and sheer comdic debauchery of it all. Stay tuned for gags and giggles because it's on and poppin.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

OMGDotMedia: Do you belong on the Bad Moms Squad?

OMGDotMedia: Do you belong on the Bad Moms Squad?: If you'd rather party hearty with fellow moms who prefer to take shots and drink out of red cups say your Lil Jon voic...

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Rap Game Season 2: And the winner is....

You can say what you want about the West Coast 16 year old youngster that snagged a contract and iced-out chain from So-So Def and Jermaine "JD" Dupri our Rap Game Season 2 Winner Damani "Mani" Brown but this little ninja pull a rabbit out of a hat in the finale. This little ninja pulled a rabbit out of a hat I tell ya. 
And wow...that finale...those performances...the suspense...whoa I didn't see it coming but I was thrilled at the big reveal. One by one they were dismissed...and then there was one...Mani.

He showed up and showed out and even spoke on being the underdog.  The boy came to win. Now Mani wasn't it the obvious choice you know. Anyone that said they knew JD was going to pick Mani could only say that if they was paying close attention.  Like with Snoop Dogg, Snoop gave Mani a thumbs up. Also Mariah Carey, she straight said it "I know your type" referring to what she perceived as JD's likelihood and track record of choosing to roll with what he likes and Mani fitting the bill. There were some other you know hints along the way.

 I kind of thought, and was rooting for, he was going to pick 14 year old Chicago native Nia Kay because she seems to be the total package like Miss Mulatto. She came in with a fan base, focused and her style down pat. You know she switched it up at the finale so I was shocked when she left before Mani.

 It was really a nail biter for me because after near win last season with another West Coast Californian in the house representing Lil Niqo I thought we weren't gonna snag that prized possession but Mani pulled it off. I'm proud of all the contestants, they all did the damn thang and I know we haven't heard the last of any of them.  Here's the finale episode with all of the performances.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

You know You Got Gu Wop On Your Breath...

Gucci Mane is home and he hit the ground running, being Mr. Flamboyant and talking shit. Like he said on Kanye's heavy weighted collabo "Champions" he's fresh out the Feds on a mothafucka and they ain't ready yet for a mothafucka! I digs that song and not just Gucci's verse all the artists on that collab brought some flavor to the mix. They compliment each other, their verses placed in perfect succession one building on the next. That song gets you hyped up. Well, it gets me hyped up. Hell, have you heard it? Then you know what I'm sayin...

But back to Gucci, he's everywhere and I'm lovin it. Get this man a McDonald's endorsement. I had a conversation with someone who wasn't very familiar with Gucci's music so I tried to put him up on thangs by playing him some of my all-time favorites like Lemonade (yea we've been sippin on the Lemonade prior to Bey), Married to the money, Bricks and Nasty Girl to name a few but now that he has returned you can't miss him.

As I go on my daily commutes listening to Hip-Hop Nation or Sway in the Morning on Sirius XM, I'm realizing we're living in Gucci World. He has gotten on a lot of collabos, he got us Vibin in this Bih with Kodak Black; Back on Road with the 6 God Drake and we're always down to ride with Dreezy and Gucci Mane.

Noticeably, Gucci is enjoying the mass use of and importance and prominence of social media especially the Gram and Snapchat; both of his be poppin like hot buttered popcorn.
 You can catch him flossin on the Snap with his "diamonds dancing like Chris Brown" or Usher Raymond. He's got that ghetto D-liverance on Urshur's No Limit G Mix. Making em say, whether you prefer the new, thinner, healthier Gucci or the original that captured our attention in the first place you gotta know Gucci Mane is home, back where he belongs, doing his thang and we're here for it. Buckle your seat belts because I'm sure there's plenty more in store for us living in Gucci World.

Did you see your boy opening the BET Hip Hop Awards with Travis Scott? Here's a video of Gucci making an appearance on the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour alongside the Queen Bee Lil Kim letting everybody know she still is a very Freaky Girl....

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Congratulations are in order....

Congratulations are in order for the newly-wedded Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hart. Kevin married his girlfriend Eniko Parrish of two years over the weekend in Santa Barbara, California in front of nearly 200 close friends and family. The pictures that have swarmed the internet showcase a beautiful ceremony with the bridal party, including his two children Heaven and Hendrix whom he fathered with ex-wife Torrei Hart. Smiling blissfully in every picture while suited and booted the Harts couldn't possibly look more happy or more in love. Kevin's son, Hendrix, served as his best man giving him away.Heaven looked angelic with a crown of roses and a white satin cocktail dress that complimented Eniko's custom Vera Wang gowns. The happy couple shared their wedded bliss with the world via Instagram and Snapchat hashtag-ing away. 

Recently Kevin received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as set to star in the sequel to Jumanji (my kids loved that movie and so did I...RIP to Robin Williams who starred in the
original ) alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as well as starring in "Kevin Hart: What Now?" a taped performance filmed in the sold-out football stadium Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field which is the first time ever on record of a comedian performing to a sold-out venue of that capacity. Over 50,000 people!!
He is the epitome of that lil pink bunny that just keeps going and going and going. 

Continuing on with the congratulatories, yes I'm aware that is not really a word, we also want to extend the same gesture to Ray J and Princess Love of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. I watched the first episode of the new season and even though the set-up looked like they were tying the knot it was just a photo shoot for a bridal magazine. Mama Sonya made an impromptu appearance with a folder full of pre-nup paperwork. Ray J didn't seem to be with it but Mama Sonya wasn't budging about that pre-nup so I guess it remains to be seen if she got her way. Time will tell.....

And last but definitely not least, even though he's already received the ring, we want to congratulate LeBron James on that fat ass, three-year contract with the big ticket of 100 million dollars.

Folks think he's overrated, folks think he's not worth that much money and he doesn't deserve it...but that's neither here nor there because he's got receipts. So moving forward we wanted to congratulate all the couples and their holy unions...The Harts, The Norwoods and The Cavaliers congratulations again!! May you live long and prosper together. We are so happy for everyone...let me hit that two step in honor of these beautiful couplings.

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