Monday, October 26, 2009

KFC does it again

While browsing the Penny Pinching Diva (located at came across a post about KFC having another free chicken day today, Monday Oct. 26th. NO COUPON IS REQUIRED according to various sites so if it isn't too late for you to hit your local KFC up I suggest you do so before it turns to mayhem and bedlam like it has in the past! KFC is making an effort to Un-Fry America so get at grilled piece of chicken on them.

Simon Says.....

So...I was reading this article concerning a new hotel owner in New Mexico who informed his Hispanic employees that he was 'anglicizing' their names for professional purposes. In other words names that have an obvious Hispanic connotation like Jose would be Joseph and Maria would be Mary, those are my own examples. What kinda stuff is that? Would Tanisha so easily become Tanya or Hakim become Harold? I don't think so. The owner made some other adjustments as well, informing the staff that they could only speak English in his presence after he believed they referred to him with a term equivalent to "the white N-word." Wow. Employees have been fired which of course has caused them to get on the phone and involve Civil rights groups. Based on what I've read so far it seems people who are commenting on the subject are either on one side or the other as to whether the owner's actions are out of ignorance or racism. If he had asked Bonquisha to change her name and refer to herself as Bonnie during business hours ONE time it would have been on with the owner and the reverands would have been on the next thang smoking by press time.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Those ol tattoos...

Up until today I've never thought about how a tattoo would look like a dozen years from now even my own. The thought ventured into my mind while I was enjoying a vast array of food at a buffet when the topic of tattoos came up. Me and the rest of my party started discussing tattoos that we had or those of friends of ours or tattoos that we've seen in general and where they are positioned on the body. One person mentioned their own tattoo that's right above their private area. Now when they were young, fly and flashy I bet that tattoo was a sight to see but now that they're...let's just say living out their golden years...I'm sure the tatt has been covered by a carpet of salt and pepper and only serves as a reminder of how things were in the good ol days. Is that the destiny of all tattoos? I see bare-chested dudes with washboard abs all tattooed up and now I'm wondering...what's his chest and abdomen gonna look like 15 years from now if he develops a beer belly? Will the words stretch across his stomach like the writing of a balloon when there's too much air in it and become illegible? Some of us ladies might be in the same boat. I'm curious to know how some of these inked up folks are gonna look upteen years from now once their bodies aren't so young, fit and tight. Can you imagine what Lil Wayne's, The Game's or Fiddy's tatts are gonna look like? I'm gonna make a mental note to revisit this topic upteen years from now for comparison.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Don't get clapped on!

I saw this video on and had to share it. Maybe you've seen it but if not get a gander at it. It is hilarious, I mean laugh out loud funny. It stars a very funny comedienne, Tiffany Haddish, who is really doing her thang and representing for the ladies and the West Coast. So enjoy and happy friday yall!

Monday, April 13, 2009

AAMBC Book Tour - Recent Interview

Check out a recent interview about yours truly posted at AAMBC Book tours:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Pantie Run

So...everyone has their own embarrassing moment and prior to this morning mine consisted of a jog back down memory lane. Back in the day I used to work at the DA's office. During my stint there there was a particular DA that was a single parent of a couple of daughters (don't remember how many). He was often in the news and such because of his reputation as a good DA. He was looked up to and considered a successful individual.

I was a single parent also and we would talk about the life, trial and tribulations of being a single parent. He had been one way far longer than I but still his anecdotes and advice was appreciated. One particular lunch break I decided that instead of going out I would take a little napp-i-poo at my desk because I was tired. So in my disengaged sleepiness I remember hearing my name being called. It was the DA. He was ever so graciously asking me for a file that he had been working on earlier. Of course I had the file...I was drooling on it!! The epitome of a gentleman, the DA took his hanky out of his suit pocket and wiped my spittle off of the file and tallihoo-ed on about his business. Up until this morning that is what I considered my most embarrassing moment.

So...I'm home making my morning cup of tea when I get a call from my son's school. I answer and it's my son whispering in the phone. Though he is whispering his tone is not one of juvenile giddiness it is of perturbation. He informs me that he has a pair of my panties inside of his backpack at school!! Ohmigawd!! A pair of my panties...The image of my son's backpack unzipped and opened on my bedroom floor right next to my bed suddenly flashes across my subconscious.

At first I think I'll tell him to just toss them in the trash but then I think...he doesn't want to touch my panties! And he sure as hell doesn't want to touch them in front of the other I had to bust a covert op and run to the school and secretly extract the, turns out black Baby Phat thong, from the backpack. Of course I got a flat on the way and had to stop to get air and then get a tire on the way home. These turned out to be some expensive ass drawls!

So until another embarrassing moment happens my way this ish here, this ish the reigning champion.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Puff, puff pass....

You know this fiasco concerning Michael Phelps and his bong excursion is getting out of hand. The man has been restricted from participating in sporting events and losing endorsements now he's the subject of a "weedies" cereal box. Bad news travels fast and satirical pokes at the misfortune of others even faster. Personally, I could care less if he was smoking weed or smoking crack. It doesn't make me no never mind and the fact that people are all up in arms talking about how this incident has tainted his image to children is misguided. It's stodgy grown ups that are pointing the finger rather than kids. There may be some that have soured on the man but not all and those that haven't just wanna know if they can get a hit. I'd bet a pound of pineapple express on it.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Hello to any html knowledgeable bloggers out there that could lend a helping hand to a beginner. I have a chunk of Blogger header or something on my blog on the right sidebar and I don't know how to get rid of it. I used to have ads there from a network...oh gosh, now I don't remember. But as you can see that's gone and this Blogger thingy ma-jig is front and center. Can you advise a sistah a little bit?


Thursday, January 22, 2009

So....busy as usual!

Never a dull moment around here let me tell you. This morning I've been up networking, joining blog directories and adding link backs to my blog. I hope I have attracted the attention of some new readers. If so, hold on...I do plan to blog more often. With the recent events of the inauguration of our new President Obama (in the immortal words and tone of Ice Cube yea-yea!!!!) I am overwhelmed with thoughts, emotions and new inspiration. Congratulations to the Obamas and to us as Americans as well for we will be the benefactors of Obamas plan to overhaul our nation and handle it! Yes We Can!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I finally took time out to watch Will Smith's flick Hancock, which I blogged about awhile back. I will have to disagree with the naysayers it was a pretty good flick. I enjoyed it.

I luv flicks with special effects and the special effects in this flick are incredible. Ish is going down that you wouldn't believe and they seem to be performed effortlessly like the stuff that is being done is suppose to happen like flinging refrigerators or stopping a car on the freeway with your feet like Fred Flintstone happens all day.

I'm looking forward to part 2. You know how some movies end with a possibility of a part deaux. I'm definitely expecting to see this saga continue.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

RIP to Oscar Grant III, an unarmed, handcuffed black man who was shot in the back by a police officer, while 2 more held him down, who claims he mistook his gun for his tazer on New Years Day 09 in Oakland, CA. I have attached a video of the shooting for those who haven't seen it and/or are in the dark about the situation. I just found out about the incident today myself.

I read thru some of the comments on where the vid was posted and can hardly believe some of the comments people are posting. Folks are bickering over whether the incident is racially motivated or not, which ethnicity is more racist than the next and some more ish.

The fact of the matter is an unarmed and handcuffed man is dead and the person responsible needs to be held accountable. Any Questions!?!
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