Thursday, May 10, 2007

Recently Published

I just received a couple of contributors copies of Fire Magazine ( and my poem What U Do is in the issue!! Even after being published in magazines several times I still get giddy when I see my name and my work in print. So, if you can check it out I cannot find the issue date on the cover however it is the one featuring Robin Thicke and Lil Scrappy.

I Won!!

I won 2nd place in the Feb. 07 "Lovelined" Poetry contest featured at Lyrics Inc. Magazine. My prizes consisted of a tee shirt, $25.00 and a certificate. Yes, I'm ballin!! I am sooo sorry for posting so late in the game becuz the poem was on their site but probably has been removed by now.


Finally I have made a decision concerning self-publishing my book, A Little Bit of Sin. It is in pre-production and should be available within four months, if I stay on deadline, which I am gonna try to do with all of my might. I do have a few concerns as far as the title. I did google the word 'Sin' and it is in quite a few urban titles right now so I am considering changing the name of the book. Originally, I titled the book Any Questions? I might be going back to that name. I am unsure right now. I am awaiting my editorial evaluation from iuniverse which is suppose to be a 10-20 page breakdown of my book. We will see. So at this time I am awaiting the eval and getting my marketing on online. I am also shopping for a company to do a book trailer. I believe I have found the company I want to use. Does any have any suggestions? If so, do tell. I am leaning towards SWK Designs. They are responsible for the book trailers for Alethea P's The Bag Lady and Jeff Rivera's Forever My Lady. I'm really diggin' both of those. I have taken professsional photos for press and my book cover and am drafting a press kit as we speak. I am trying to gear up for the release of my book. Any authors/writers out there wanna show a sistah some love with some suggestions....feel free. Smooches.....
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