Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Son's Lucky Day

My son has gotten to the age where he wants to coordinate his wardrobe and look spiffy when he walks out of the door. He may still need a nudging to apply lotion to the ashy areas but not to clean his shoes or make sure his v-neck tee matches his belt. He had asked for a pair of Jordan sneakers but with the cost being so expensive I told him that he had a while to go before those would show up. Recently we took a trip to Palm Springs to attend one of my daughter's cheer competitions. On the last trip up there I had noticed a huge outlet shopping center and planned to check it out on my next trip up. On that trip we decided to hit outlet mall on the way out and boy did we. That outlet mall had all of the major stores plus a Nike outlet. It was my son's lucky day. Not only was the Nike outlet full of the usual bargains all the marked down items were an extra 30% off. Needless to say I walked away with my purse a little lighter that day. I was able to get my son a pair of Jordan sneakers, a hoodie and a tee shirt to match his Jordan sneakers for about $42.00 and some change.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little Bit of Sin..."Only on the Four Corners..."

“He put flix of sis’s panties on TheSpizzot.com and was talking a bunch of shit like he’s been swacking or something. Not my sister. Naww, blood game. Fuck that, I had to klack on that nigga hard!” he said. His voice was tainted with a protective edge that I’d never heard before. Kerry must have lost his damn mind. I was finally parked and attempted to get out of my seat. Oh, the beat down was coming and it was coming right now. I couldn’t get out quick enough. In my haste to put foot to ass I had forgotten about the seat belt. The strap held me hostage against the seat as I struggled to get free. Plus my big ass belly slowed me down. Once outside the car I rushed to the sliding side door. Kerry looked at me from his window like he didn’t know what was up. When he realized the real he attempted to lock the door but mama still had some speed and I snatched the side door open a second quicker and dove in wailing on him. I connected with his eye. He covered his face with one hand and began waving me off with the other.
“Maw…mama.…” He squawked looking more like Nino than I wanted to see, especially now. His usually dark brown eyes turned black as what was going on registered in his mind and he attempted to get away from me. He quickly slid to the other side and tried to open the door but I was on him, wailing, wind-milling and punching. I grabbed a handful of his t-shirt with one
hand will trying to get a good grip on his jeans with the other. I wanted to get a good grip on him and straight whoop his ass. However, he wriggled free from me like a slippery fish revealing his tighty-whitey boxer briefs which eerily instantly reminded me of the stained pair in my garage. That extraordinary day seemed like eons ago but scarily relevant. Oh hell to tha naww! The shock
and embarrassment of my possible misconception fueled my need to fight harder and temporarily boosted my inertia. I continued trying to keep my son in the back of my van so I could simultaneously knock some sense into him while knocking the shit outta him but his will to escape was stronger and easier without a big ol’ belly so I had to realize the agony of defeat. I thought about biting his silly ass but I was out of breath and blinded by a splitting headache,
my heart felt like it was going to explode in my chest any moment. I was sure tears were streaming down my face, everything looked blurry. In a haste to get away from me, Kerry propelled himself through the other door, kicking me in the chest in the process. He took off running down Imperial. By now rubberneckers were watching the show, cruising by at a snail’s pace or just standing on the block trying to get a closer look. I felt like I was on Moms Gone Wild. Only on the Four Corners, I commiserated.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Need a laugh?

Check out Charles Barkley as Alicia Keys on Saturday Nite Live. I seen this video on Blackstar69.com. Charles Barkley is working it.

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