Monday, May 29, 2017


I'm just gonna leave this right here. Kendrick Lamar's recently released 4th studio album DAMN has hit the ground running with no intentions of slowing down and is currently numero uno in the country. 

The current reigning number one song in all of the land Humble already had conversations buzzin because of such lyrics as "I’m so f*cking sick and tired of the Photoshop. Show me something natural like afro on Richard Pryor. Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks..."

I got you K Dot and many women started the slow clap in celebration posting pics of themselves au natural such as this pic Porsha Williams posted of herself sans makeup inspired by Kendrick Lamar.

Now it wasn't all kumbaya let's all do the happy dance and throw that ass full of stretch marks in a circle. Some females voiced their displeasure with Kendrick's lyrics citing that he is only saying what he is saying because of his own sexual wants, needs and preferences. They didn't perceive his remarks as being real and thought-provoking but more so as shallow and superficial. I mean it's his words, thoughts and expression so....

You'll be able to see Kendrick Lamar on a stage near you soon as he is kicking off his DAMN Tour on July 12th in Phoenix, AZ. #kungfukenny #halfapintwholepintgassedupcrazyayeee

July 12th: Phoenix, AZ, Gila River Arena
July 14th: Dallas, TX, American Airlines Center
July 15th: Houston, TX, Toyota Center
July 17th: Duluth, GA, Infinite Energy Arena
July 19th: Philadelphia, PA, Wells Fargo Center
July 20th: Brooklyn, NY, Barclays Center
July 21st: Washington, D.C., Verizon Center
July 22nd: Boston, MA, TD Garden
July 25th: Toronto, ON, Air Canada Centre
July 26th: Detroit, MI, The Palace at Auburn Hills
Jul. 27th: Chicago, IL, United Center
July 29th: Denver, CO, Pepsi Center
Aug. 1st: Seattle, WA, Tacoma Dome
Aug. 2nd: Vancouver, BC, Rogers Arena
Aug. 4th: Oakland, CA, Oracle Arena
Aug. 5th: Las Vegas, NV, T-Mobile Arena
**Aug. 6th: Los Angeles, CA, Staples Center**

Currently Kendrick Lamar is booked to the high heavens and can be seen on a stage in a variety of places. He'll be headlining the Rolling Loud music fest May 5th thru 7th at Bayfront Park, Miami FL along side Future and Lil Wayne. 

Celebrities and fans alike are showing their love for Kendrick Lamar by using the track as the background music for their life. Le Bron James recently uploaded a highlight reel from 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

Kendrick declares he's the realest ninja after you agree or disagree? If he isn't, who is?

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Me

Not too long ago my boo thang and I set off to Pompano Beach, FL to meet up with Fav Cousin and Cousin-In-Law for a fabulous weekend of fun and togetherness. We had a great time as we usually do when we meet up; however it is never long enough but that's another post. I wanted to share some highlights of my trip with you. My Top 5 Most Memorable Moments of my FL trip were:

1. Spending quality time with my family. Face it, most of us value quality time with family and take advantage of an opportunity to spend time with them even if it was a quick drive by or it meant you'd be staying in a shoe box and could barely do a full 360 in it. Being with family makes  all the difference in the world. My cousin and I grew up together like sisters and take every opportunity to spend time together. So seeing her face when I got off of the plane is my number one favorite thing about my trip. Traveling and experiencing new things with my boo thang is equally close to my heart.

2. Pulling up at the Wyndham Palm-aire Resort. It. Was. Beautiful. It was also all-inclusive, plenty of things to do including miniature golf of course there were beautiful pools, Jacuzzis, a restaurant right on the premises that served a mean breakfast sandwich with Ghirardelli's hot chocolate, if you indulge in that sorta thing which I do. Our accommodations were fully loaded, full kitchen, dining room, nice sied bedrooms, jacui tubs, balconies...the works. And...the resort wasn't too far from Golden Corral another favorite spot of mine. We don't have one locally so I gotta hit one when I can.

3. Seeing Young Jeezy at Club Pulse left me deaf in both ears for about 3 days. I thought the ringing in my ears would never cease. I felt like my ears were in a fish bowl. The DJ that proudly referred to himself as "your baby mama's favorite DJ" was getting it popping right in my ear hole. See, we thought we had strategically placed ourselves close to the stage so when Pastor Young hit the stage we'd be right there. How'd that work out you ask? Glad you asked, let me enlighten you. This ninja appears with a mic in one hand and a blunt and a cup in the other on the other side of the club up in the seating area across from us like it's right. Nah, it wasn't but it's Jeezy what are you gonna do?! Check out his Snap filter from that night. I love my Jeezy voice. #whodat #thesnowman #iloveit

4. The club food was off da hook. R&R Bbq had a set up in an area in the back of the club and for a lil bit of change they got you right. My boo thang bought me a fat plate so I could eat and get my party on properly. The bbq chicken, mac n cheese and seafood rice is worth going back for and I live all the way in Cali. Have you heard that term bbq so good make you wanna slap yo mama? Well...are you picking up what I'm putting down here?!

5. So we're strolling through Lincoln Mall in Miami on the way to the beach when we pass this restaurant. Plenty of customers outside enjoying the brisk air and their food and drinks. Then out of the corner of my little eye...I spy smoking drinks. Yes, bubbling like lil mini cauldrons of Jesus Juice. I had to imbibe. The restaurant is called the Sugar Factory. They serve finger foods such as wings in a variety of flavors, mini-burgers and fancy fries along with the mini cauldrons of bubbling Jesus Juice. The liquor is poured over dry ice which causes the smoky bubbles. I will have to locate the name of the drink I had and update that later but for now I can say it was delicious and almost to purty to drink. Well...maybe not. Lol. Y'all know I enjoys my cocktails.

We're currently planning to meet up in New Orleans for the Essence Fest 2017. I am so excited I can hardly wait especially since they're recently added Xscape to the line-up. It was already gonna be a stone cold jam up in the Dome but's really gonna be rocking. I am a Xscape fan and a bigger Kandi Burress fan. Yes, I am #teamkandi all day. I am so happy that her business endeavors are paying off for her. The Old Lady Gang Restaurant is off to a great start and did you see that snippet of Kandi in her new movie role? Kandi is on a roll right now like hot butter and I wish her well. What's your fav Xscape song? Are you traveling anywhere soon? Are you going to Essence and if so, who are you looking forward to seeing?

Anywho, stay tuned for more travel tales. Got plans to travel? Book with me today at

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Inspiration...won't she do it!

It started from a meme now we're here.  The ball on ideas is rolling at a crazy pace and we are anxious like lil hyped up kids on Christmas morning. Let the brain-storming of ideas rain down upon us. I am so here for it. 

The birth of a buddy movie starring Rhianna and Lupita Nyong'o is a co-mingling of the blood, sweat and shared tweets of fans across the globe. The whole idea is to die for.  I don't know if the person who took this photo and tossed it into the universe and jumped off the flow of creative juices knew what would ensue but thank gawd they did. Not since Zola's story of a weekend in hoe hopping and pussy popping hell has an idea of a forthcoming movie had Twitter ablaze AND folks is with the business?! Chit chatter swirled around and had us ready to buy movie tickets and popcorn but alas our lil feelings were crushed as nothing came to fruition regarding #thestory of Zola. In case you missed it here's a snippet to remind you. I digress....


 EW News has reported that Ava Duvernay and Issa Rae are already locked and loaded. 
I definitely need to do more research and follow this story closely. Here are some tweets regarding this idea:

The original posts

It started on Tumblr now we're here with the Black Twitter takeover....

The official announcement...

The corroboration...

I just really dig this flick so it is again.

So the question everyone is asking is who's getting the credit for the initial idea and like Wyclef sang: "where the money at?!" 

What's your favorite buddy movie? Who would your pair up for a buddy movie and why?

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

RompHim Mania

In case you missed it, a bomb was dropped on the net the other day and indeed caused a snafu. A fashion snafu. For the small amount of only $95, men all over the globe can purchase their own RompHim. That's right. The romper for men. Right now they are available at ACED Design's Kickstarter page. Currently ACED's RompHim Kickstarter page has raised over $354,000 and has over 3,000 backers. Act now and have one by July 4th so perhaps you and you're girl can be twinning at the que. Who knows...

I can't speak for other people I can only can speak for myself and this romp mania over this Romphim made for men is bewildering to me. It's not my style it's not supposed to be is not the style of any man I know but they may just be undercover romper wearers that were just waiting for this fashion opportunity and are now ready to burst out on the scene and stunt on all of us with their Romphim wonderment. I find the thought of legions of men experiencing what we as women experience when wearing rompers hilarious, such as having to completely disrobe just to use the restroom and etc. For the most part, the internet has deemed rompers feminine and a no no to the male population. They may embrace it in time as we know men have been wearing various forms of rompers right under our noses for quite awhile. See below to get your laugh on.

Double 07 started it all...or did he....

Who is responsible for this?!

They have a point here!

And here!

Iron Mike Tyson rocked one way back when....

And here!

All these memes got me like.....

And for some...maybe not.

Are Rompers appropriate for men? Do you think they are regarded as feminine attire?

Until next time...Go forth and read, comment and share!! Bye loves :)
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