Sunday, June 30, 2013

Girl..This Is Your Jam

So I'm sitting here writing and listening to music and everything is all good then this song comes on by Sunshine Anderson. This song used to bump. It had all the chicks in the club with their hands up and getting their boogie on. It was like the I Caught You Cheatin and Now It's a Wrap Anthem. Every female was bumping it and every dude hated to hear it, dance to it or hear a female singing it. It was like it was the song that came before a serious man bashing session because once the song went off it was time for women to share their experiences that caused them to relate and identify with the song.

Every season has that song that evokes an emotion so powerful that you not only identify with it you keep it on replay, record it on your voicemail (yes...I said that. You know you did that at least once or twice) and quote the words in a letter or text if you didn't play the song on ol boy's voicemail. . There was Sharissa's "Any Other Night" then Erykah's "Tyrone" and then we segued on to Sunshine's "Heard It All Before". That song slipped right into rotation and ran with it.

These songs are not necessarily men bashing songs they're more along the Sparke "When A Woman's Fed Up" line of thinking. They are just there for mental stimulation and to put something on your mind and spark a thought or conversation in the right direction towards whatever that might be for you and yours. Once that direction is carved out in your mind then follow it like that yellow brick road they followed in that mythical movie and skip along the road to Keyshia's "Let It Go" and keep it moving towards your own internal peace and happiness because you have to have that to maintain regardless if you stay or if you go. Care to share? What songs spark your buttons?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Left Eye Replaced

The two original members explain why they felt the need to replace Left Eye on their new "Waterfalls" remix.  Click the link for the deets....

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