Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Sit Down

So while eating my brunch of toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and a warm soder and I'm watching Mob Wives Chicago. I know I'm behind an episode or two. I'm trying to catch up but any who...I'm watching the episode where Christina decides that she needs to have a face to face with Nora because Nora had the audacity to delete Christina from her Facebook. That got me to wondering, in these days and times of living in a social media world where everyone has a profile or page or two on everything from Tumblr to it really something to take personally when your removed or block from someone's friend list? Some people have magnanimous amounts of friends on their friends lists and can't possibly know and communicate with each and every one on a personal level and probably not interested in doing so anyway so being exed by someone shouldn't be seen as a personal attack no more than picking one gas station over the other or choosing Starbucks over Coffee Bean. I mean if Starbucks refused to give me service because they realized I've been partaking in Coffee Bean that might be a reason to have a sit down but if someone removed me from one of their friends list then so be it. Any questions!?!
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