Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Little Bit of Sin - Excerpt

I sat at a corner table and waited for my order. I had ordered a grande,
decaf, Carmel Macchiato with a double shot of espresso, extra caramel,
whipped cream and requested that the drink be made upside down so the
espresso would be blended in and not the first thing to tarnish my taste buds. I
waited the few minutes looking around the lobby and salivating over the pastries
until my drink was finally ready. I took one sip of the seething hot liquid
and instantly noticed the acidic taste of burnt coffee, also noting that there was
definitely no whip cream or caramel only foam.
Oh hell to tha naw, I thought. “Excuse me!” I exclaimed, making my way
back to the counter. The line parted like the Red Sea as I approached. “That’s
right, disgruntled black bitch with hot coffee, step to da left,” I said, as I
zoomed to the head of the line, my eyes darting to the uniform of my victim
and searched out her name.
“LeeAnn … um, I requested that my coffee be made upside down and
ordered whipped cream and extra caramel and paid an extra thirty cents and
there ain’t hide nor hair of some whip cream and only a speck of caramel in
this damn cup. Whassup with that?” I slammed the cup of liquid on the
counter in front of the clerk, not giving a flying f&*k that I had caused the top
to fly off and hot scalding coffee to go flying in the air. The clerk quickly
jumped back to avoid getting burned. Smart move. My own hand was still on
the cup and hot liquid spilled over causing instantaneous searing pain pushing
me over the edge. “I just want what I asked and paid for!” I screeched. I was
pissed, more so at myself and the stupid position I was in than at these people.
I was having a helluva bad day. Surely, they’ve got an order messed up before
and didn’t nobody come back in the store and throw the hot s*@t back at them.
But hey, that’s Murphy Law, sometimes s%$t happens. The manager rushed
over trying to calm me down and make amends.
“Sorry, ma’am. We’ll fix that right away. What was your order?” I realized I
was making a complete fool of myself and calmed the hell down. “I am so
sorry. I just got some bad medical news and I just needed that coffee so very
badly to ease my nerves. Don’t worry about it.” I grabbed what was left of my
coffee and quickly escaped the glares and crazy looks I was receiving inside the
coffee shop. The other patrons gaped in horror as I splattered my hot expensive
cup of coffee all over the counter like a spoiled kid who didn’t get what she
wanted. I felt so totally stupid and embarrassed it was unbelievable. I rushed to
my car, thankful that it wasn’t in a spot right in front of the storefront.
I pulled into traffic quickly and plummeted down the street. I realized I was
suffering from mood swings badly. The people in there probably thought I was
some kind of drug addict coming off of a high or something deranged like that.
I looked at my reflection and guffawed. I couldn’t believe I just went off in
Starbucks. Thank God it wasn’t the one close to my house or close to the shop
because I’d have to reroute to a different Starbucks every time I wanted some
damn coffee. S*&t, I’m too humiliated now to go back to that one.

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