Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rate your favorite reality t.v. show

Right now reality t.v. shows are a big hit with me. I enjoy watching the Bad Girls Club, Miss Rap Supreme, Flavor of Love, and Prime Time Love. Right now out of those listed my favorite would have to be Miss Rap Supreme. I'm not sure yet who's gonna come out on top. Prime Time Love and The Bad Girls Club aren't contests like Flavor of Love and that's been done so many times and it always turns out the same. They say there won't be another one then poof...the saga continues.


Amina said...

Hello. thanks for visiting my blog. I have to admit that reality shows are my guilty pleasures and gasp, I regularly watch the Hills!
I am also addicted to the whole love reality shows: tila tequila, Flavor of love, rock of love but I just don't understand why a woman would want to put herself in the position!
I guess Love is a business now!!

NikkiG said...

" is a business now!!" to quote Nywele is a great way to put it. Why these women are taking it to the level of extremity that they are taking it to find love is beyond me..but, hey, if they like it I love it. I watched the first season of Rock of Love and Brett Michaels blew me away with that phone sex challenge in which he had a doctor attach a monitor to his penis to measure whether or not the phone sex he was receiving from the girls in the house was giving him any type of excitement. Wow, that was an original challenge!

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