Saturday, July 30, 2011

What are your favorite quotes of all time?

Asking someone to think of and even collect a list of their all time favorite quotes could cause  a major malfunction in the thinking process. For one they'd have to recollect all of the songs they've heard, books they're read, shows and movies they've watched..."of all time"...that's a lifetime of catchy phrases, thingst that have left an impression, sentiments that have stirred emotions and just plain ol' stuck in their heads for various reasons...good, bad or indifferent. Of all time...

My favorite quote of anything "of all time" would probably change with my mood, day, feeling and etc. I may quote a rap on twitter because I'm feeling that emotion that day or am having a relateable episode in my life that I feel would be best described by what Ice Cube, Biggie, Tupac or Victor Newman had to say at that moment. I rose with the dawn, handled my business, everything went as planned with my day with no hiccups "today was a good day" a la Ice Cube or "there's gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing if my burgular alarm starts ringing" as Biggie other words it wasn't a good day. Now, I'm on one. Thanks Drake.

Once upon a time, I read Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls. A classic book published circa 1966 that dramatizes what we currently see on reality tv shows in the nature of the Real Housewives franchise before reality tv and the rise of Jackie Collins. Anyway, in the book an aging actress, Jennifer is facing the race against Father Time. With her beauty fading, she is told that she needs to get some 'work' done to compete with the hot, young beauties of Hollywood. "Don't ever get it into you head that you have anything else to offer," she's told. Harsh.

I'll probaby think of something else I wanna quote the minute I press publish. Enlighten me...what are you favorite quotes of all time or of right now?

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