Thursday, June 04, 2015

This Is Not A Test

I have decided to...(no, dared myself is more accurate) to participate in June's BlogHer's NaBloPoMo monthly blog-a-thon. I will be inundating you with a fresh post daily! Hooray...I hear the thunderous cheers of my audience ringing in my ears. Oh the joyful sound it is!! #td4w

The theme of this month's NaBloPoMo is Ready, Set, Go! And I am ready to return to my blogging platform. It took quite awhile for me to fix some the bugs that had settled in here. My lack of techni-ness kept me from making things happen as quickly as I should have. I digress.

So, now I am all set. The aforementioned bugs have been worked out somewhat. I mean you can actually see my blog at this point and that is a big improvement. Someone bought my domain (yes, I got caught slippin') and for the longest time I couldn't get the new domain name to actually connect to the blog visibly. I could log in and make drafts all the day long but no one would see anything because my cyber wires were crossed and I don't know how many of you have tried to get a ticket through to Google Support but ew weeee they are on some Illuminati ghost ride the whip status. #you'llneverfindustypeshit.

Once I conquered that hurdle another one arose with the quickness like a pop up in a video game. Like damn...can a bish catch a break. Uh duh. Of course not. So now, my new domain is purchased, the domain is connected to the blog and the blog loads up. I haven't lost all of my material and I'm a happy camper. For a minute or two because as soon as my lil blog completely loads up it parks itself at a referral site!! Yassss. Omg. My feelings exactly. Wtf man. I'm too through with this here.

I pouted for a few and tried to do another support ticket to no avail. Then I finally got around to posting a question in the Blogger Help Forum and was contacted by someone within a couple of days and given instructions and several options on how to fix it. Ta da....finally the banner exchange code was discovered and removed. Thank U gawd and nitecruzer :)

Now I am indeed Ready and Set to Go and blog my lil heart out. I posted a couple of things a post to let the world know of my return, a new link to connect with me on Bloglovin and some commentary on Caitlynn Jenner's arrival on the scene. All was going well until my post entitled "C" is for Caitlynn disappeared. Now what the what!?! However, I was able to retrieve a copy from Bloglovin and repost it. So right now we're good....stay tuned to see what the next blog debacle will be.

Until then...Go forth and read, comment and share!! Bye loves :) much would hair that blows in the wind like that cost! Sheesh, she got hang time AND air time. #hairjordanonfleek

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