Friday, August 05, 2016

Who knew Arthur was such a savage?

For those that don't know, I don't know where you've been or how you haven't heard but Arthur has come out of the kiddie closet and he's going hard in these skreets. Here's a couple of the notorious Arthur memes floating around. Though these are meant to entertain, you should take a moment and think about the message within the meme. Beware...these are not for the easily offended.

Loose lips, sink ships. If he running and telling y'all business drop kick that fool. You don't need that in your life.
Silly rabbits...tricks are for kids. You can't be playing basic bish games. No one is going for the keep a ninja baby games in 2016. Stop it.

Try to stick to your guns. You can't be falling for the okey dokey or the booty call pokey. You're not Postmates, this isn't a delivery service. And if you are wishy-washy, stop running your mouth to your friends out here looking cray cray.

Your ears are going to keep on ringing because folks love to talk and there's nothing you can do it about. So keep on being you and keep on giving them stuff to talk about. Like Diddy likes to say..."take that, take that."

Oops. Pow. Surprise. Hey, one good turn deserves another but pay back is a bish. Don't leave your partner hanging if you don't want to be left hanging. We don't forget. Ever.

This is just messy. Folks can't wait to call you out on your bull. If you step into another person's situation be aware that they're just waiting for you to fall short, mess up or what have you so they can call you on it. Believe that. Some folks are petty like that. Don't be the one that gets called on the carpet for some fuckery.

Have you ever had sex with someone and then wished you could take it back? That's what came to mind first thing when I seen this meme. "If I could turn back time," in my Cher voice.

Know when to speak up for yourself. This is a no no. You are not supposed to let someone and their ignorance take your voice, silence, intimidated or bully you. Find the strength within you to speak up. If not that day or occasion then the next. I'm not saying put yourself in a dangerous situation trying to do the most...please don't do that.

Displaced responsibility. That's what this meme says to me. That's why folks need to always be responsible for themselves and no what their intention are and stick to the plan.

Ewww, get it together. Don't invite no one over to your house for any type of leisure activities and the place is a hot mess. Yup, folks is going to talk about you. I have seen videos on the web of people all up and through other people's houses talking all kinds of mess and it always makes me wonder but why are you over there though?

This is why you can't trust some of these little knuckle-heads. Plotting. Smdh. And don't think this stuff doesn't happen. We all know people who it has happened to. Or is that just me?

Now that's irritating af regardless of who it is. Smdh. Lol.

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