Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Rap Game Season 2: And the winner is....

You can say what you want about the West Coast 16 year old youngster that snagged a contract and iced-out chain from So-So Def and Jermaine "JD" Dupri our Rap Game Season 2 Winner Damani "Mani" Brown but this little ninja pull a rabbit out of a hat in the finale. This little ninja pulled a rabbit out of a hat I tell ya. 
And wow...that finale...those performances...the suspense...whoa I didn't see it coming but I was thrilled at the big reveal. One by one they were dismissed...and then there was one...Mani.

He showed up and showed out and even spoke on being the underdog.  The boy came to win. Now Mani wasn't it the obvious choice you know. Anyone that said they knew JD was going to pick Mani could only say that if they was paying close attention.  Like with Snoop Dogg, Snoop gave Mani a thumbs up. Also Mariah Carey, she straight said it "I know your type" referring to what she perceived as JD's likelihood and track record of choosing to roll with what he likes and Mani fitting the bill. There were some other you know hints along the way.

 I kind of thought, and was rooting for, he was going to pick 14 year old Chicago native Nia Kay because she seems to be the total package like Miss Mulatto. She came in with a fan base, focused and her style down pat. You know she switched it up at the finale so I was shocked when she left before Mani.

 It was really a nail biter for me because after near win last season with another West Coast Californian in the house representing Lil Niqo I thought we weren't gonna snag that prized possession but Mani pulled it off. I'm proud of all the contestants, they all did the damn thang and I know we haven't heard the last of any of them.  Here's the finale episode with all of the performances.

Do you think JD picked the right winner?

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