Sunday, November 20, 2016

What's on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner?

Last year the #unameitchallenge was all over the internet with howls and cackles for all. A remix of a snippet of Shirley Cesar's 2011 performance of "Hold My Mule" with folks putting their own spin on it with dance moves and their own verses has gone viral. Here's some vids that I personally love and got the most laughter out of.

Now it's time to go up in the pantry and pull out all the big pots because the holiday season is upon us. So in anticipation of the holiday season, I've been discussing menus with people, friends, associates, strangers and trying to find out what other people serve for their holiday dinners.

So far I've discovered that more more people are serving deep fried turkeys, which is my preference, I did roast a Turkey last year for, I believe, Christmas but my go to method is deep fried turkeys because deep fried turkeys are just so super bomb.  You cook them quickly, less mess, less clean up and even better if you can have someone else do it. I also heard that pecan sweet potato pies are a hit. so I will have to try that this year. 

In doing that, I had a discussion about macaroni and cheese. One person told me they make a roux of butter and flour to mix in their macaroni and cheese others use a mixture of eggs and milk, which is the way I was raised to do it, so my question to you is what method do you use to make your macaroni and cheese from scratch? Are you the butter and flour type? Or the egg and milk type when it comes to your homemade macaroni and cheese?

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