Saturday, July 08, 2017

Rap Game Season 3

Here he is y'all...the winner of Rap Game Season 3...hailing from Reading, PA 16 year old Nova. Smooth, suave, swag-a-docious, lyrical and the one with the chain. 

First, let me start this off by giving respect where respect is due. Nova, you did your thang thang. He was clearly T.T.G. and ready from the gate. He managed to hit first place more often than not and was acing challenges left and right. He definitely deserved to win and no one can take that away from him. He was the obvious choice for JD and we as fans of the show are ecstatic to see another young star on the rise. He's not wasting no time either and has recently released "Stay Over" featuring Cash Money Record's Jacquees.

Now though I might have saw that coming from the beginning of Rap Game Season 3; by the middle of the season I saw that a lil star in the making sporting a bow tie and a crown was beginning to shine brighter and brighter with each challenge. King Roscoe. Won’t HE do it! This boy was coming from the rear and began tearing shizz up! I was enthralled by this young man and especially at that rap battle challenge!! He was a beast in that challenge and undoubtedly rattled some cages. No one was expecting ya boy to hit em hard like dat! Two of his competitors actually admitted that they were not even prepared to battle him. #datway

 No one was and he did that with a shoulder lean and brush off of his shoulders. Mean. Just mean. The boy got skills. He’s definitely a contender and I look forward to seeing what opportunities come his way to keep him on the rise.

Good luck to all of this years contenders. They all did a fantastic job at displaying the skills they entered the game with and packing more tools into their toolboxes for the future of their rap careers. I’m excited to see what’s next for this youngstas.

The winners and kids from seasons past recently embarked on JD’s So So Summer Tour. Yassss gawd. The tour included Miss Mulatto, Mani, Lil Key, Nia Kay and more.

I'm sure it was a treat for fans and a great experience for the performers alike. I wish it had come to San Diego. I would have loved to support the kids by coming out and seeing them perform live and in living color. Maybe next year I'll get my chance. #fingerscrossed

What do you think of the Rap Game? Are you a fan? Do you watch the show? Do you think JD's on the money with the winners he has chosen thus far? Or is he missing the mark?

Until next time...Go forth and read, comment and share!! Bye loves :)

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