Friday, January 26, 2018

Essence 2018 - Who's Ready?!

The lineup for Essence 2018 has been least partially and so far we have Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Fantasia, Snoop Dogg, 112, Xscape, Idris Elba, Miguel, The Roots, Teddy Riley, Blackstreet, Guy and still more to come.


This year's concerts are going to be all the way live! I feel a 90's throwback session coming on and I'm ready for real for real. I'll be right there with my hair braided in a basket weave with some big ol hoops and nails out to there. I mean c'mon Xscape, Guy, Teddy Riley, 112, this lineup has some 90's swag, mixed in with some black girl magic and some it's a family affair to it...we know what time it is.

My flight and hotel are booked. If yours isn't click here: and get it together. All I need to do is decide which nights I'm going to the show and pack. How tough is that going to be?! 

If I haven't mentioned it, I am so excited to see all of these artists in one place. So much good music. Umm, ummm, ummm like good food just good for the soul. Yasss. So many favorites by these artists, such as...

1. Cupid by 112 
2. Kickin it by Xscape
3. Anything by Erykah Badu (I mean its freakin Erykah Badu!!)
4. Pleasure Principal by Janet Jackson 
5. A long Walk by Jill Scott
6. Adore by Miguel
7. So many songs by Snoop...
8.. Guy's whole catalog....too name a few.

It's gonna be a party y'all...all the members of Xscape will be in the building to perform together! I am overjoyed. Partly because I missed The Great Xscape tour when it came to my neck of the woods and I also missed their performance last year at Essence so they say the third time is a charm and this will be my third opportunity to see them and very well may be my last to see all four of these fabulous queens and my fav RHOA Kandi Burress live on stage. I cannot miss this.

Will you be in attendance? Who are you anxious to see? Who are you hoping will be in the lineup that isn't yet? I can think of a few, such as...

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