Thursday, May 31, 2018

Oh No She Didn't....

Yes...we are beautiful black women. Yes...we should hold each-other in high regard. Yes...we should have all the respect for ourselves in the world. However, I need to know who all saw and enjoyed Girls Trip?  Raise your hands. I actually saw the movie more than once. I saw it with a group of friends and a second time with a smaller group that included my mother, my bf's mother,  my bf and both of my adult daughters and I thoroughly enjoyed each time and they did as well.

Now everyone everywhere is not gonna enjoy everything no matter how great and wonderful you think it is and that's fine people are always allowed to have their opinion whether you agree with-it or not and I'm not about to glorify other people's opinions especially if Idon't agree with them and I'm not here to give a review of the movie because I want you to see it for yourself. 

The movie did well and many months after its release is still the subject of conversations. The controversy over the way the women in the movie address each-other seems to be a Hot Topic even though it's an old topic. People are a little upset about the frequency the word "bitch" was used and the women addressing each-other by it in the movie. 

I have seen several Facebook posts where that has been the question you and your friends refer to each-other as bitches, hoes, tricks, tramps and other various derogatory terms? Now my circle of friends doesn't regularly refer to each-other as bitches and other charming terms as such but have we ever? Yes. Might we in the future?  Yes. Does it bother me? Do I take it in a derogatory way? No and I personally feel like that's one of the issue some people are having with this movie and that's taking some of the focus off of the positives which are sisterhood, living in your own truth, acceptance, forgiveness, traveling, bonding and inclusion to name a few. 

Rumor has it that there will eventually be a sequel. Would you see a second one? How did you feel about the comradery between the women and how they expressed themselves with each other? Was it a total turn off? Could you see pass it to enjoy the movie?

Until next time...Go forth and read, comment and share!! Bye loves :)

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