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With friends like those who needs enemies? Is a popular saying we've all heard before. You here Whodini say it on their rap song Friends with the question "how many of us have them?" I thought of that as I was sitting watching an episode of VH-1's Basketball Wives, a reality show centered, for the most part, around women who were married to or involved with men who played professional basketball.

Last season, an episode came to a head when it was revealed that one of the women, Jennifer Williams, who during a break up of her friendship with another one of the women, Evelyn Lozada, had either revealed or lied about some pretty personal stuff regarding Evelyn and her daughter to other people.

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It was badd. It was really badd. I mean another one of the women Malaysia Pargo threw a whole table at her. Physically picked it up and tossed it like she was throwing something in the trash can. Peep the gif here:

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She really wanted to attack that ass and would have if the other women present had not intervened and protected Jennifer. But the fact of the matter is, based on what I seen and heard, Jennifer was being a disloyal friend. She had no business lying and stirring up the pot in other matters (The Old Texts to Tami Roman in the Cracked Phone Situation) which lead to the revelation that she had been telling Evelyn's business simply because they were no longer friends.

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tracee ellis ross eating GIFAs it turns out many believe she deserved everything that she got that day in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Stuff that was no one's business.  It wasn't really even her business. I'm sure these things were either told to her in confidence, or not at all, and I'm sure at the time she swore she would never tell another soul. However, once she was mad at Evelyn and apparently deeply, like deeper than Atlantis hurt by the breakdown of their friendship she felt the need to strike back behind Evelyn's back and betray her confidence or whatever by telling other people these very personal things about her and members of her family specifically her daughter Shaniece knowing that this information would not cast them in a very good light and so it was revealed on this beautiful day in Amsterdam that she had in fact told other people these things and it painted her as a disloyal person that she is and the fact that she had betrayed her bestie Evelyn once again...and to make matters worse Shaunie co-signed on the fact that Jennifer was in fact bumping her gums and spilling this tea. Chile...

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My question is this, is this betrayal a deal breaker? Can someone come back from that? Would you betray a friend or associate and reveal hurtful even damaging information about them to the masses just because your hurt or angry? Or would you stick to the code and take it to your grave like you actually SAID you would from the get go? I'd have to say that my word is bond and I would expect the same from those I deal with. What say you?

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Until next time...Go forth and read, comment and share!! Bye loves :)

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