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A Little Bit of Sin - Press Release


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San Diego, Ca, April 23, 2008— Freelance journalist, entrepreneur, and now published author Nicole “Nikki Nicole” Cunningham unleashes her debut novel on the public at large and poses the million dollar question.

What makes a good relationship go bad relationship is the million dollar question nowadays; however, what we learn from them as individuals is our own life lesson. Sinatra Graham is a supportive wife, loving mother and savvy business woman who, for all intents and purposes has it going on, until that pivotal ‘one thing’ happens and the domino effect ensues and she’s thrust into a world where nothing is as it appears to be.

In A Little Bit of Sin, Sinatra’s life takes a sudden detour when she discovers her husband’s briefs smeared with lipstick—and it’s not her shade. With her marriage on the rocks, Sinatra confronts her own relationship demons and revisits a past love, the father of her first child. But after she watches how her cousin struggles to find a good man and fails miserably, Sinatra decides to take a closer look at her marriage and decide how to proceed.
Sinatra keeps her children’s home life stable while She’s Gotta Have It, her beauty shop, keeps her busy as she tries to develop it into a successful business. But an unexpected pregnancy and uncertainty over who the baby’s father is adds a whole new dimension to her life.

A Little Bit of Sin
A Novel By
Nikki Nicole

“A Little Bit of Sin was a long time coming,” says Nicole Cunningham who wrote the novel using the pen name ‘Nikki Nicole’, a combination of her nickname and her first name. “It was something that I started years ago as a hobby just writing a little bit at a time and sharing with family and friends and eventually it evolved into a story and after attending several writing conferences and researching about the process of publication it was shaped into a novel. The process by no means was easy,” said the author, adding; “I put my blood, sweat and tears into this book and am glad people can relate to my characters and are enjoying the story. The process was quite a journey,” the author admits.

A Little Bit of Sin explores infidelity and forgiveness in a story filled with verve and charm. You’ll root for Sinatra as she transforms from a woman scorned to a woman empowered as you will be after reading this book.

The debut novel, A Little Bit of Sin, by San Diego, Ca author Nicole “Nikki Nicole” Cunningham is receiving good reviews by locals as well as the online community. “The Beautiful One” a member of online book club Real Divas of Literature – the #1 Book Club in the Nation posted a review on citing that A Little Bit of Sin is “a good read” and that Nicole “did a good job with this novel,” she adds that the novel “really reflects on things that are happening in the world every day.”

Published on March 6, 2008, A Little Bit of Sin is now available for purchase through the publisher,,, any of their online affiliates and major bookselling sites. The novel is also available via the author at,,

Prefer a hardback or an eBook? A Little Bit of Sin is available in three formats: POD - 0-595-45016-4 for $16.95; Hardback - 0-595-69301-6 for $26.95 and/or E-Book - 0-595-89331-7 available for purchase for $6.00.

Nikki Nicole is a published freelance journalist and author living in San Diego, California, with her family. She is currently working on the sequel to A Little Bit of Sin. Her writing resume includes staff writer at two local newspapers, publication in magazines such as American Cheerleader, Jr., Fire Magazine, Indie Street Entertainment and the poem My Grandma Would…featured in the anthology Gumbo For the Soul: The Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community.

The author is available for book signings, special events and interviews. To request review copies of the book or to request press interviews with the author, please contact her at or 619-886-6722.

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