Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why you mad!?!

So a couple of weeks ago, yes I'm late but bear with me, after the initial airing of an episode of Love and Hip Hop New York one of my brothers called me to ask my opinion about a debate he was having with an associate about these two.

It seems my brother and his associate didnt agree on why Erica Jean, the estranged baby mama of rapper Saigon (pictured above during the calm after the storm), was upset about the request to have a DNA test taken. 

Exactly. The child looks plenty old enough to have had a DNA test performed, had he wanted one already, like a million times. Mentioning your other baby's mothers comments was a big no-no and as for Peter Gunz input...I can't. And the comment that she doesn't know who her baby father is once the drama kicked off was not only stupid and uncalled for it made him look like a weenie because if she don't know who the father is and you're just a stand in until the real father stands up then I know a whole bunch of otha kids that wanna be taken to the park, treated and hung out with. Don't be shy share the love.

My question to you is...who's right and who's wrong in their situation and why?

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