Thursday, July 30, 2015

Let's Be Clear

The drama between Meek Mill and Drake is heating up. How do we know that? Because of the memes galore. Yes, I have moved to and have taken up residence in pettyville and enjoying every minute of these hilarious memes. I have posted some of my favs here for you as well. Enjoy. #backtoback #pettyville #thelaughtercontinues #WWMD #prenup #Twitterfingas

So...someone has taken it upon themselves to start a Go Fund Me page to assist Meek Mill in funding his response diss track to Drake. Folks are doing too murch. #justjokes

So far Nicki Minaj is remaining mums on the situation between her dude and her label mate slash "brother". Rumor has it the beef is all smoke and mirrors and is just fodder for Nicki's  reality tv show that is scheduled to air on MTV. Hmmm....we'll soon see.

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