Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hey ya...did you catch Lip Sync Battle?

If you missed John Legend's portrayal of Andre 3000 in his rendition of Hey Ya for his Lip Sync Battle All stars performance you missed a good one. It was "ice cold" to say the least. With Stevie Wonder on the keyboards Legend definitely garnered my vote. The man should've won. He was robbed.

Olivia Munn's performance alongside two of the women's Olympic gymnasts was fantastic. Terry Crews was on deck to do his thing with politician impersonators galore. He had two Obama, two Clintons, and a Trump sounds like a full house to me and dressed like he was having a gladiator flashback he deemed himself thr president of Lip Sync Battle. The weave he was wearing wasn't budging. It swayed to the beat like a good wig should.

In the end newly retired Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps walked away with yet another gold win for his performance as Eminem singing Lose Yourself. I can't hate on him, he did do a good job. He set the scene just right as Rabbitt in 8 Mile. All we needed was his dysfunctional mom and disgruntled baby mama so Phelps for the win. I was still hoping for an upset in the end and the belt to go to Legend. I'm just bias I guess. At least I don't have a problem admitting it.

Enjoy the vid of John's full performance below.

John killed it. No doubt. What's your favorite Lip Sync Battle performance?

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