Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Word has it that Will Smith's latest movie "Hancock" a non-traditional superhero movie with a surprising twist to it. The character is considered a "bum superhero" and according to Smith is "rude and mean to kids." I am planning on checking out the flick this weekend. So far the reviews are ranging from one extreme to another. It seems people either hate or love it. I heard on the radio yesterday that this is his 8th movie to gross over $50 million dollars opening weekend including several that hit theatres Fourth of July weekends. That's nothing to laugh at, could all of those people have been duped into thinking this would be a great movie and got their feelings hurt while sitting within the cool confines of the darkened, air-conditioned theatre eating over-priced candy and slurping on expensive fountain driks? That remains to be told. I'm sure the die-hard Will Smith fans loved the movie. It is said to contain great special effects not just the trumped up computer generated ones though one complaint I read today is that the movie is all over the place; however, I am still interested in checking it out for myself like the millions of other folks have.

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Dori said...

I finally saw Hancock yesterday here in the UK and my husband and I liked it. Most of the time we were laughing our asses off because of him saying stuff in the movie that we all want to say from time to time. :-) It was just a fun trip to the movies.

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